New Governing Board of Directors

Press Release

The newly formed Governing Board of Directors of the Shree Pashupatinath Foundation USA has selected the following Board members to serve in its Executive Committee. This was completed at a meeting held today, October 28, 2018 at the Foundation’s headquarters in Norwalk, California. The Executive Committee and the new Board’s term of office will be 2 years.

Executive Committee of the Board:

Mr. Gokul Poudyal – President
Mr. Aka Raj Pandey – Vice President
Mr. Ram Babu Pandey – Vice President
Mr. Bimal Shrestha – Secretary
Mr. Ramchandra Lamichhane – Joint Secretary
Mr. Bhim Dhakal – Treasurer
Ms. Sushila Pandey – Joint Treasurer

Members of the Board of Directors:

Mr. Basu Dev Ghimire – Board Member
Mr. Dilli Thapa – Board Member
Mr. Eka Dev Sharma – Board Member
Mr. Ganga Basnet – Board Member
Mr. Gyanendra Gurung – Board Member
Ms. Indira Tripathi – Board Member
Mr. Kedar Paudel – Board Member
Mr. Nog (Deepak) Pathak – Board Member
Mr. Rajesh Pandey- Board Member
Mr. Rameshor Bhandari – Board Member
Ms. Sabitra Oli – Board Member
Mr. Tilak Karki – Board Member
Mr. Upendra Neupane – Board Member
Mr. Upendra Sapkota – Board Member

Let us join hands to congratulate the new Executive Committee and the Board and wish them well for their successful tenure.

Bhakta Thapa
Immediate Past President and
Chair of the Nomination and Selection Committee