Our Mission

The mission of the Shree Pashupatinath Foundation is to preserve and promote Nepali culture, heritage, arts, and language in the United States of America and the world. In doing so, the Foundation aims to promote the unique identity of Nepal as the land of Pashupatinath and the birthplace of the Gautam Buddha. The Foundation aspires to unite Nepalis of all religious persuasions in the U.S., especially in the Southern California region, by fostering cultural and social harmonies. Toward this goal, the Foundation will build a cultural center to bring Nepalis and non-Nepalis under one roof to engage them in art, culture, education, and religion which will culminate a deeper understanding of diversities in communities and nations. It is also the goal of the Foundation to build a Buddha stupa alongside the Pashupatinath temple to preserve the artistic and cultural heritage, which is reflected in Nepal’s respect and tolerance for each other.