Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you that we are organizing a dinner function followed by real live Nepali concert program and dance party with our famous artist Harish Matema,Raju Lama and Anita Subba in Bombay Garden Restaurant,Artesia,CA. please help to make this program successful and invite as many people as you can. The benefit of this program will be hand over to Shree Pashupatinath Foundation USA.


Date 21st June 2010,Monday
Venus-Bombay Garden Restaurant
17221 Pioneer blvd,Artesia
Tel – 562 860 4608
Artist-Harish Mathema,Raju Lama and Anita Subba

Organizer-Dil Shrestha,Gokul Poudel, Ekraj Pandey(Narayan) and Gokul dhakal


Ekraj Pandey,Nepal Crafts
Ram Babu Pandey,(Babu Enterprises)
Prushottom Pandey
Dipak Pathak ( Namaste Handicrafts)
Rishi Dakal ( Rising nternational)
Gokul Dakal ( munlight handicrafts)
Bhakta Thapa
Bimal Guragain
Tara Gurung
Madan Pathak
T J Imports
India Arts
Dipak Pandey
Gokul Poudel