Earthquake Donation


The Nepalese diaspora community in Southern California is stunned by the loss of lives and property caused by a massive earthquake (7.9) in Nepal on Saturday, April 25. The quake turned centuries old historic buildings, monuments, and temples into rubbles in seconds. Thousands of people have been injured, and many men, women, and children are still buried in the debris. Several thousand others have been forced to spend nights out in the open because their homes have been destroyed. Government’s dwindling budget will not be adequate to tackle this massive scale of devastation. 
Therefore, local Nepalese Americans and community organizations have formed an Earthquake Relief Funds Collection Committee with the following members.
To facilitate the collective fund-raising drive, the Foundation has set up a separate bank account through PayPal. The entire amount collected from you will directly go to victims of the catastrophe and will be channelized by the governmental and non-governmental agencies working in the affected areas. Please click the button to donate and heal the wounds of thousands of displaced people.